A unique 1 to 1 online training App

master the skills that make the difference in the game

The British Legends Soccer App and Training Programs

Learn, Develop and Master the skills that create the foundation for elite players. The British Legends Soccer App includes a unique 1 to 1 Training programme with coach feedback specific to the player. Reward T-shirts for players mastering our identified Legends skills, the App also includes our specialised training ‘Challenge’ videos.

Our Training Programss Program

As individual players progress through the British Legends Soccer App levels, our Soccer Coach program provides a Video Tactical Program for the coach to raise tactical awareness into training sessions, along with a Team Specific Training session print out which is available through your Team Page within this British Legends Soccer website.

Through the British Legends Soccer program we will develop effective players through individual, tactical and team training. All of which will be assessed by our British Legends Soccer coaching staff.

By becoming a key player through our development, you will have a greater effect in the game and become a confident individual and leader on the pitch. As the coach you will enjoy growth and development of the players and added credibility when achieving your goals.

Sample Drills